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  • EyeSoothe Blepharitis Heat Eye Mask Soothes & Reduces MGD & Dry Eye Syndrome 799632982685

EyeSoothe Blepharitis Heat Eye Mask Soothes & Reduces MGD & Dry Eye Syndrome 799632982685

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                         Product descriptionThe EyeSoothe blepharitis eye mask contains everything needed for the safest and most effective eye treatment solution. The fully adjustable eye mask features a special thermal lining which once the gel pack has been heated up it will retain heat without dropping in temperature for at least ten minutes. All orders include an EyeSoothe eye mask, gel pack, heating clip, zip lock bag and full usage instructions.
  • Soothes & reduces the effects of blepharitis, MGD & dry eye syndrome
  • Stays at optimum temperature for the recommended treatment time of 10 minutes
  • Eye mask contains a foil thermal lining to keep the heat at the required level
  • Safe & user friendly with no need to heat up the gel pack in a microwave
  • Orders include an EyeSoothe eye mask, gel pack (inc clip), zip lock bag & instructions
Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat conditions will the EyeSoothe eye mask treat?The EyeSoothe eye mask has been designed specifically to treat blepharitis and dry eye syndrome. The eye mask will also help soothe and reduce red and puffy eyes.How many times do you need to use the eye mask?The eye mask can be used as many times as needed with the recommended treatment amount of twice a day. Once an initial period of around two weeks of treatment is complete most users find using the eye mask several times a week is enough.Is this eye mask better than a microwave heat compress?Microwave eye compresses quickly lose their capacity to stay at the optimum temperature for the required 10 minute treatment time. They also suffer from heat spots and overheating issues. EyeSoothe uses a combination of gel and thermal lining to retain the heat for at least 10/15 minutes.Can the EyeSoothe eye mask be used multiple times?The EyeSoothe eye mask is designed to be used multiple times. The gel pack can be reheated hundreds of times whilst the eye mask can be washed. Each order comes with a zip lock bag to ensure the eye mask remains hygienic when not in use.     

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