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  • 3W Epistar Bridgelux Epileds LED Grow Aquarium Lights PCB Heat sink Chips DIY

3W Epistar Bridgelux Epileds LED Grow Aquarium Lights PCB Heat sink Chips DIY

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  5W and 10W Epistar and Epileds Now Available3W quality Led chips available in various colours and quantities. Aluminium core PCB heat sink in white or blackPower supplies available hereNaked chips also available. Visit my shop LEDs are RoHS and CE Approved, using Bridelux/Epistar/Epileds 45 x 45 mil chips and Epistar/Epileds 42 x 42 mil Red and Orange chips3 Year WarrantyPick and MixIf you would like an assortment of colours simply choose the 'Pick and Mix' option with the desired pack size and leave a note at payment. Alternatively you can message me immediately after purchase with your colour selection. Purple 420nm and UV LEDs are not available with Pick and Mix.Specs:
           Plant Spectrum: Forward Voltage: 3.2V-3.6V Forward Current: 600-750mA Output: 140 lumens
          Cyan: Forward Voltage: 3.2V-3.6V Forward Current: 600-750mA Output: 150 lumens
            2200k Yellow: Forward Voltage: 3.2V-3.5V Forward Current: 600-750mA Output: 200 lumens
          2700k Warm White: Forward Voltage: 3.2V-3.6V Forward Current: 600-750mA Output: 240 lumens
          4500k Natural White: Forward Voltage: 3.2V-3.5V Forward Current: 600-750mA Output: 240 lumens
         5000k Pure White: Forward Voltage: 3.2V-3.6V Forward Current: 600-700mA Output: 220 lumens
         6500k Daylight White: Forward Voltage: 3.2V-3.6V Forward Current: 600-750mA Output: 240 lumens 
         12000k Aqua White: Forward Voltage: 3.3V-3.7V Forward Current: 600-750mA Output: 240 lumens
        '20000k' Deep Aqua: Forward Voltage: 3.4V-3.7V Forward Current: 600-750mA Output: 220 lumens
        '30000k' Indiglo: Forward Voltage: 3.4V-3.7V Forward Current: 600-750mA Output: 200 lumens
     UV Ultra Violet 395nm: Forward Voltage: 3.6V-3.8V Forward Current: 600-750mA Output: 20 lumens
       Purple 420nm: Forward Voltage: 3.4V-3.7V Forward Current: 600-750mA Output: 40 lumens
     Royal Blue 440nm: Forward Voltage: 3.4V-3.7V Forward Current: 600-750mA Output: 50 lumens  
Bright Blue 470nm: Forward Voltage: 3.2V-3.5V Forward Current: 600-700mA Output: 50 lumens
     Pure Green 525nm: Forward Voltage: 3.3V-3.7V Forward Current: 600-750mA Output: 120 lumens                          
      Orange 600nm: Forward Voltage: 2.5V-2.9V Forward Current: 600-800mA Output: 90 lumens           Bright Red 630nm: Forward Voltage: 2.2V-2.7V Forward Current: 600-800mA Output: 85 lumens 
   Deep Red 660nm: Forward Voltage: 2.2V-2.7V Forward Current: 600-800mA Output: 65 lumens    Far Red    740nm: Forward Voltage: 2.1V-2.5V Forward Current: 600-800mA Output: 30 lumens    Infra Red 840nm: Forward Voltage: 2.0V-2.3V Forward Current:  600-800mA Output: 1 lumens (very little visible light)
   Purple: Forward Voltage: 3.2V-3.6V Forward Current: 600-750mA Output: 85 lumens 
All LEDs sold are Voltage/Current tested prior to postage to ensure the above specifications are met.Specifications represent optimal suggested levels for use - voltage/current levels can be varied by user. Please be aware that driving LEDs at higher power levels will dramatically increase the need for cooling. If you require information on how to power 3W LEDs effectively and efficiently please do not hesitate to contact me.Postage and PackagingAll orders made before 4pm on weekdays, and before 11.00am on Saturdays, are dispatched same day via Royal Mail 1st Class in plain bubble wrap-lined envelopes. Later orders will be dispatched the following morning.Anti-static conductive bags are used to ensure LEDs are thoroughly protected from static damage and degradation. Express Delivery is also available.                

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